Stove pipe question: Single or Double?

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Nov 18, 2013
I currently have a section of single that runs about 6 feet up to the ceiling then into the box with triple wall, the pipe is in good shape and no issues. However, I have acquired a new piece of telescoping double wall pipe.... Am I better off going with double wall from the stove to the ceiling or keep it how it is? Is there much benefit with have about 6 feet of double wall and reducing creosote?
It depends on the stove and current setup. A catalytic stove with lower flue gas temp will see more benefit. Likewise, if the exposed chimney is tall, then keeping the flue gases hotter can reduce creosote buildup. If the setup is with an older stove connected to a straight-up flue with <5 ft chimney exposed, then there may not be much advantage.

What stove is this for? Is creosote buildup currently an issue? Is the brand of the double-wall the same as the chimney pipe or different?