Stove Pipe - Stainless steel., can you paint it ???

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hi guys,
i have been looking for stove pipe at my local Home Depot and Lowes.
Home depot does not have any, but all the lowes has is double walled stainless steel, with the natural stainless steel color.
well, i don't want silver pipes in my living room, but flat black would be ok.
can you paint these ? or, will they peel ?
if so, do i have to prep them ?

Black stove pipe should be available in many places - that is single wall, 22 or 24 ga. and made for stoves.
Stainless is usually either double wall (chimney!) or single wall (chimney lining)......either way, it costs vastly more than black pipe.

For interior chimney connector use, most people use either the black single wall OR special interior double wall which is also black outside (stainless inside) and allows closer clearances. The main thing to keep in mind is that:
1. Chimney=the stuff that can be run through walls and roofs, etc.
2. Chimney connector=the stuff that connects the stove to the chimney...inside the same room

There is paint for using on the stainless steel.
you have a compter, order it online

You now have many choices. Or find your nearest "real" stove dealer that stocks or can order it for you in black, doublewall and I believe is at a lower cost.

You can also paint it (not my preference), as Craig described above.
Yes, you CAN paint it!

By now you realize that you can get it in black, but for my Selkirk/Metalbestos installation, my roof support assembly required double-wall CHIMNEY pipe to install that extended thru the roof, and DOWN past the ceiling to the point where the single-wall stove pipe was 18" horizontally from the slope of the ceiling. READ THE INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS FIRST!

Because I couldn't stand the sight of the stainless chimney pipe sticking down from the ceiling, I roughed it up with 000 steel wool, and painted it with stove paint. Looks great!
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