Stove thermometers for flew temp


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Sep 5, 2020
Does anyone know if a stove thermometer has a thermostatic coefficient for factoring in thickness of the stove vs a single wall flew pipe tying into a chimney? I got a new stove thermometer bought it off amazon 20 bucks. Always thought my flewu magnet thermometer was pretty good stuck the new one on beside the old one and it read about 200 the one on the flue vs 400 on the old one... about the same difference when mounted on the stove for comparison ... didnt get any calibration instructions and the new one doesn't appear to have any


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Dec 28, 2006
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These surface meters are notoriously inaccurate. Their job is to measure surface temperature so it doesn’t matter how thick the steel is. Many of us also own IR point and shoot temperature guns which we can use to verify accuracy of the surface meter or just use it instead of the surface meter.
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