Suggestions on a new stove

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Apr 4, 2011
Moore Twsp., Pa
Good morning everyone! I've been using an Englander 25-PDVC built int 2003 ever since we bought our house in 2015. The thing has been pretty solid in the time that we've owned it (came with the house). Wife gave me the green light to do an upgrade with the following requirements: Has to be able to run off a thermostat that is in the living upstairs from where the stove is AND be able to fit a full bag of pellets. (The Englander won't hold a full bag). Does not have to be pretty and I'd like to keep this on a budget, if possible. I know that Harmons and Quadrafires are REALLY good...but a bit out of my price range. Was hoping for something in the same vicinity/class as the current version of my old Englander.
Any suggestions or should I just go into deep search mode here? :)
Primary or supplemental heat source? If primary I'd find a way to swing a Harman. If supplemental then something that's similar to what you have now.

We have a heat pump and electric baseboards. I absolutely hate both. LOL
I run the current stove when it gets down into the 30's and below. This keeps the heat pump from running.
Baseboards do run in the bathrooms though.
Personally, I'd buy a top-of-the-line stove (Harman or Envrio)
You get what you pay for My stove is in its 23 season and the
only thing replaced was a combustion fan. My friend bought
a big box stove at the same time 1/2 the price But lots of cash
into it for parts. He just bought his 3rd stove and finally saw
the light and bought an Enviro
The biggest consideration is to buy the stove that She that MUST
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We have an Enviro Mini that we bought new in 2008. It has had a few issues, but nothing that I could not fix myself. I do like the Mini, but if my wife ever allows an upgrade, I'll go for a Harman...
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If you are up for it, try to find a lightly used P-series Harman to save on costs a bit. Although used won't qualify for the tax credit, whereas new will.

I run my stoves off wired thermostats in different rooms than the stoves, and both not only hold a bag of pellets (or more in the case of the P61a), I have extensions on both of them. So my P43 holds 2 bags comfortably and the P61a easily holds 2.5-3 bags. When you are looking at stove specs, take the pellet hopper capacity with a grain of salt. My former Hastings said it would hold a full bag - well no, it held more like 32-35 pounds and that was stirring and stuffing those pellets into a run-dry hopper (which happened all too often).

Another thing to think of is that it is likely your new stove will have an exhaust that is either higher or lower than what your current stove has. Not a big deal, but may have to make adjustments or buy some pipe to account for the difference.
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Quad Santa Fe is a great option with a wired programmable thermostat.
Thanks for the feedback, but I just made a slight upgrade to our Mini, which turned out really well:

So, it'll probably be even longer before I can consider a replacement...
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