Summer Maintenance Question


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Dec 15, 2019
SE Missouri
Been 2 heating seasons since I got my Heatilator CAB50. Works GREAT, I'm delighted with it.
Gonna do some maintenance this year, need a new door gasket, no biggie.
I do have a question about the firebox, however. I live in a high moisture area and I noted a slight rust haze on the box when I fired it last fall.
Heatilator mentions painting to protect it. I'm not going to due to the difficulty and any slight dust would negate the adhesion.
I was thinking I might put a thin coat of fine oil on the inside, instead of the paint.
Any thoughts from the masses on this approach, any other suggestions in lieu of paint?

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Feb 25, 2011
Northern CT
I spray mine with WD40. Then, I cap the exhaust and OAK openings, and leave the stove door open a couple of inches. That lets the drier inside air circulate inside the stove. We have AC, so summers indoors are not very humid. No visible rust in 8 years. I also make sure all of the pellets are out of the stove, including the auger. I have heard too many stories of pellets that clotted up and jammed the auger like cement.


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I think the spray oil is a great idea, much easier to get a light coat. Thanks for that!
good tips here...
I use Pam cooking spray[non-flavored of course.] to coat inside walls..
also use 2 canisters of damprid to avoid rust...
btw: to those who claim moisture doesn't get into your stove..
those containers we're in the stove for approx 5-6 months..
Outside air was sealed off. also exhaust at top was sealed off and yet...............>>>>>>>> 2/half inches or more of water absorbed...


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Feb 25, 2011
Northern CT
No, no, NO! Virgin Olive Oil only! The fire gods demand it or you will be putting a curse on your stove.
That explains it! Every time I put pellets in my stove, they get burned up!
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