Superior Zero Clearance wood stove Fiber Brick Liner solution

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Burning Hunk
Jan 6, 2012
Ben Wheeler, TX
Superior Zero Clearance wood stove Fiber Brick Liner solution Superior Zero Clearance wood stove Fiber Brick Liner solutionWe moved to East Texas 3 years ago. Down here you often see light duty fireplaces because we don't have a rough winter season.
So we have a beautiful floor to ceiling stone wood fireplace that they unfortunately installed a Superior zero clearance into.
Had some issues with smoke coming out the front. I've been burning for many years and even serviced fireplaces for a while.
I somewhat solved the smoke issue by making sure the logs were placed against the back wall. (flue is clear)
Unfortunately that took it's toll on the rear insulating liner. It cracked a few places from logs and heat.
Cost of the replacement panels are $300-$400.
Instead I took a piece of kiln panel about 1/2" thick and a piece of .100" thick steel plate.
I sandwiched the kiln panel with the steel plate.
I did not remove the existing panel so the insulation is 1/2" thicker than factory.
The result was way more than I ever expected.
Not only do I no longer need to worry about the insulation, two things changed.
Draft is significantly better.
Radiant heat is way better with the radiation being blasted straight out since it has nowhere else to go.
No more smoke issues and the heat is so much better.
The negative is the wood doesn't last as long.