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reaperman Posted By reaperman, Mar 30, 2008 at 6:01 PM

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    Not sure of the forum rules here. But I have a 0010 I have no use for. I bought a 007 off ebay and the guy shipped me this pump instead. I contacted him many times and he is suppose to send a 007 and I will ship the other back. This all started on Feb 15 and not its April, so I left neg feedback on his behalf. I didnt want to but he promised me overnight shipping once and two day shipping last Friday. I even offered to ship his 0010 back at my expense, which is 10 dollars, flat rate shipping from US postal service. The 0010 will fit my application, but is overkill. I know the pump is more expensive than a 007. Let me know if anyone is interested in the unit.
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