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    I was wondering if you knew of a temporary indoor heating solution that does not require electricity. I would love to invest in a wood stove, but might be moving in a year or two. Is there a way to take it with me to a new location? Or could I perhaps save on installation by installing through an existing window - closing it up with brick or something (eliminating the window entirely)? My guess is that safe installation costs can be more than the stove itself. Is this correct?

    I'm also concerned about items in a small room catching fire. What sort of clearance is necessary (how far away would a bed need to be, for instance)?

    Lastly, can you cook on all types of wood stoves? Is there a better solution (again without electricity)?


    You are correct that proper installation can cost more than the stove itself. It is also dangerous to install a stove any other way. You can take a stove with you, but probably not the chimney.

    An LP gas stove does not require electric. If you have a full tank, you can burn for weeks without any electric. Kerosene heaters also make for good emergency backups.

    You can cook on most woodstoves, however look for one with a decent size top plate that is single wall...stoves with an air chamber around the top will not get as hot.
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