Tent Stove to warm a workshop? Advice needed from the Pros!

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New Member
Jan 27, 2023
Hi all,

I have a Fourdogs Titaniun wood stove that I often use in a 8 man canvas Tipi.

Wr just purchased a small house in the country and it has an adjoining storage room/workshop.

The workshop is about 12feet x 22feet. The inside is finished on one side but the other is exposed framing with vinyl siding on the outside.

Previous owner had a wood stove in the space and cut an 8" hole through to the outside and did some work ro create additional support framing inside..im assuming for a vent ot thimble.

I'd like to use my Foirdogs stove (4" pipe) and then will need an elbow to allow for the 90 degree bend to get through the existing hole.

My problem is that I'm not sure what the appropriate thimble /vent size would be or how to finish out the hole in the wall. Any help would be appreciated!

Again stove pipe is 4" titanium single wall.....

I currently made a weather seal until I get the work done.... ill attach some pics later today as able

I might like to convert the 4" pipe to whatever size is standard for a Jotul 602 that I might purchase in the future
The Jotul 602 takes a 6" flue. We'll need a picture of what is existing, inside and out, to determine if it is framed correctly for a thimble.

Note that the camp stove will need 36" clearances from any combustibles all around. This can be reduced to 12" with proper NFPA 211 wall shielding.