Tesla Aztek

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The $3k price tag is absurd... but folks camping in EVs is a big deal, and has been for years. Every EV forum has a bunch of threads about how to sleep in their EV, which inflatable mattresses just fit, etc. Tesla's also have a 'camping mode' and have for years.

I think the appeal is that for a lot of folks, the major impediment for camping is lack of cooling. (and to a lesser extent, heating And an EV can provide that, silently. If the seats lay flat, or the vehicle has a 6' bed for camp mattress, you can sleep quite comfortably in one when the outdoor temps and humidity would be way too high for a tent experience.
There will be better options in the future. It’s 90 pounds and the Service Center has to install brackets. I don’t see how this will be a big seller but it’s there.