Thinking about adding a pocket door... but...

Remmy122 Posted By Remmy122, Apr 14, 2011 at 2:41 AM

  1. Remmy122

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    Jan 7, 2011
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    Im worried about pipes freezing the back of the house. We keep the heat down in the low 60's during the winter when the stove is going.

    Not only am I worried about the pipes but the thermostat is in the back hall way as well, and Im not really trying to pay for heat in the half of the house that we rarely ever use.

    Im running an Englander NC-30 with a blower attached. It keeps the three rooms we generally use plenty warm and this winter the thermostat never really kicked in. Im worried if I add the door in that the heat pump would keep running and that the rooms in the back with the two bathrooms would get cold, and possibly pipes freeze. I should probably add in there that we have rather mild winters, only snowed twice this year and thats more than we usually get! 10 inches was snow-magedon.

    what do yall think? Ive added a crude drawing (that I spent way too much time on, but hey its dark and I cant split any wood!)

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  2. semipro

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    A couple of thoughts.

    -You could close off that doorway temporarily and then monitor the temps in the back rooms on a cold day
    -You probably don't have insulation in your interior walls so I doubt the pipes would freeze in the back rooms
    -You can always adjust the thermostat setting to compensate for the situation
    - Pocket doors require tearing into a wall for installation

    Hope that's helpful somehow.
  3. billb3

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    I have a wool blanket over a doorway to a back room.
    Washer and dryer are there and they haven't frozen.
    I have a digital thermometer with a outdoor remote with the outdoor remote in that room.
    Coldest I've seen so far is 45.

    You could test with cardboard, too.
    Couple TV boxes wouldn't curl and would block the doorway fairly well and not be a fire escape/egress hindrance.

    I've put a pocket door in a false wall built beside a load bearing wall.

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