Thought you guys were pulling my leg about oak,....

fabsroman Posted By fabsroman, Jan 23, 2013 at 3:20 PM

  1. Kenster

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    And to push the point... it's needs maybe three years AFTER it's split and stacked. Standing doesn't count. I've taken down water oaks that have been dead for at least two years. So dead that most of the crown had broken off and fallen to the ground. When I put Stihl to the trunk water oozed, almost flowed out. Love that water oak but it needs a long time in the stacks for optimum BTUs.
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  2. fabsroman

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    Yeah, this standing dead red oak that I recently split up did not have any water oozing from it whatsoever either from the saw or the splitter. I measured one of the splits and it came back at 31%, which isn't bad. The living white oak I split up at the end of December had water oozing out of it left and right. Now, the standing dead oak was all hollow at the base. Out of a 5 foot trunk, maybe 1 foot of the outer diameter of the trunk wasn't hollow. Kind of amazing that it was still standing.

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