Thru wall chimney is less than 2 inches from edge roof

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New Member
Oct 2, 2023
Western Maryland
So my first wood stove and chimney. I'm in Maryland and need it inspected. My chimney is triple wall durevent and the kit came with two brackets that holds it 2 inches from the wall.It's going up a brick wall to the ridge. At the ridge there is aluminium siding trim raise up and looks like wood 1x 4 plank, but just hollow aluminium. Than aluminum drip edge and assault shingles. My question is will the inspector flag the less than 2 inches at roof contact ? And more importantly how can I fix without re doing everything? Can I make a shield ? What would that look like ?Can I get a off set pipe and a bracket to match ? What's easiest cheapest fastes. I,m at my wits end and over my head with this project it think . Thanks for any helpful input
Clearances are to combustibles, aluminum is not combustible. Asphalt shingles however are.

Is it possible to notch the trim? Or could a 2 x 4 be mounted to the brick for each support to bring it out a bit? Can you post a picture of the area in question?
I don't think I can notch it because it's just drop edge overhang maybe less than a inch. I f i use 2x4 to back it out 2 inches that means thimble as pipe and tee has to be all taken apart .I also don't have enough lengthy on the thimble and thru the wall pipe. But I bet I don't have to many choices
I took a single wall black stove pipe 12 inch . I opened it up and cloaked it around the chimney .I put giant hose clamps thru slots i made in the pipe. It acts as a shield for the shingles and the inspector said it also acts as a heat sink. Ok I'm Maryland