Time of use electricity billing is it worth it?

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Oct 7, 2012
Northwest Lower Michigan
I’m not aware of any time of use differences with mine. If anything my use is usually more at night because of lights and heat most of the year. I don’t have AC and don’t need it, the dehumidifier keeps the basement like an icebox, and between that and, large eaves, and lots of trees the house stays plenty cool.

I typically use 8-15 kWh/day. 8 in the winter with no dehumidifier. 15 on laundry day or when working out in the barn.
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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
If you think consumer bills are complicated, commercial bills are far more complex. Many large firms hire consultants just to figure them out.

There are
On peak/off peak rates
Peak Demand Charges that ratchet for weeks, months or years
Peak VARs Demand Charges that rathet for weeks months or year
Installed Capacity Charges ICAP.
Firm and non firm power.
Battery Incentives, VARS support, frequency support, voltage support, Clean Peak support

Probably a few more
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Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
Came across an old bill from 2013-2014. Before HPWH, new windows and wood stove and Tesla. 1600 kWh for January and 1750 kWh for December. This winter it was 1000 kWh. Summertime peak in 2014 was 1400 kWh. 1500kwh last August. A really hot day AC can consume 15-25 kWh maybe more (30-35??) as I don’t track it. (25% duty cycle at 4kw).

Furthermore thinking about heating with a heatpump. Most efficient outdoor temps coincide with peak demand times. Sun is out you are on peak untill 9pm.

I’m done thinking about this for my usage and rate structure. Time use billing just is not worth the hassle even if I could save a bit of money I imagine once the heatpump defrost cycles once a month on peak I’m loosing any savings.


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Nov 23, 2008
WI, Leroy
Utilitiy co and Phone systems are always looking for creative ways to empty your wallet. There is always a hook somewhere. $ 5 a month because they flipped a switch one time, to me that means a $10.00 minimum savings on my bill to cover just that portion. Then they get upset because some of us figure out that we might just be able to beat their system. About the same as playing the slots in Vegas. Odds are not in your favor. I still remember the " everyone needs to conserve energy program back in the 70's, so we did and were rewarded with increases in rates so there could pay their investors what they had promised. Not to mention the the 6 digit bonuses to ceo's and the like. played the set back thermostat game for awhile also - better bumping things up or down 5 deg. for the duration of a season. Least in my climate that gets me ahead.
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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Sometimes it feels like these complicated schemes are to show the UTC or state that they are offering "discount" alternatives when they apply for a rate hike. It's complicated and annoying enough that they know 95% of their customers will not choose it.