too much unburned ashes, what should I adjust on my Eko 40

leatherguy Posted By leatherguy, Dec 14, 2012 at 2:11 PM

  1. Fred61

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    Nov 26, 2008
    Southeastern Vt.
    Chain turbs went in yesterday and first fire last night with them. Had a couple complications from the start. Had more trouble getting my fire going because of the technique I use which is: get the leftover charcoal glowing with a load of wood on top and immediately start the fan and close the bypass. Somehow, for the first time since I've been using this tecnique, most of my coals left from the previous day's fire had been consumed but I tried it with a minimum of coals. Was slow to start which added an unkown amount of time to my usual three to four hour burn. During peak gassification the flue temps were no different than they had been (about 450 to 500)
    I suspect that it might have been putting out more heat because it went into idle when the tank was at 172 which is low. It usually idles for a short period of time when the tank reaches 178 measured at the top. Heat exchanger wasn't processing the heat fast enough. So I'd say the data from my first burn is a little better than no data.
    I'm going to reduce the air to try to get the flue temp down.

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