Traditional Firebox to Wood Burning Insert

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Jan 30, 2024
San Francisco
I am in the preliminary stages of research into choosing and installing a wood burning insert in our traditional fireplace. We have a small house 1250sq ft but I’m only really looking to heat the 200 sq ft living room. Outdoor temperatures lows are generally only in the 40-50’s but our home is 100 years old so it gets cold. Looking for a durable and long lasting stove, no blower, electronics or secondary burning is necessary.

1. As for dimensions and fit, do people generally alter their firebox to accommodate more options? I can imagine it might be helpful expanding the width of our current opening, knocking out those columns to accommodate 42in. See attached photo of our firebox.
2. Any suggestions of simple but solid and durable options, brands and models for my living room. There are so many options.

Thank you!

Traditional Firebox to Wood Burning Insert Traditional Firebox to Wood Burning Insert
An insert that fits may be the only option for an insert. How wide it the fireplace in the back?
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I don't come up with an insert that will fit. The opening is not large enough for either the Lopi Answer or the Country Striker. The best bet may be a small freestanding stove that rear vents. Look at some Morso and Jotul stoves. The Morso 7110B would look good there.

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 4.08.09 PM.png
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