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  1. Jake

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    Dec 11, 2005
    nw burbs of Chi
    So I travel down to the inlaws (quincy IL) this weekend with 2 goals, Spend Easter with them, and purchase a small (5x10) Utility Trailer. (something basic like shown here )

    We arrive at the Trailer store early on Saturday morn. We look at the trailers, then go in to talk price. I like the price and have CASH in hand, but the guy I'm talking to (who we later determine is one of the owners) tells us that

    "no trailers are leaving the lot today"

    We inquire why, he tells us that his secretary isn't in today to do the "paperwork"......

    We stood there DUMBFOUNDED... This guy was going to pass up a CASH sale because the "paperwork" wasn't going to get done on saturday.....

    (in the past, My family and I have purchased at least 15 trailers and never never needed someone else to do the paperwork)

    We went back to the inlaws house and phoned the guy, explaining that I'm 6 hrs away and will not be in town on monday. The guy says that it doesn't matter because the trailers are all inventoried in the computer.... (they had so little inventory there that it could have been kept on a single sheet of paper)

    We then called 4 other trailer dealers (all within 30 mins) The very first question we asked was if thier secretary was in today, then explained the story. Problem was, no one had a 5x10 instock. But everyone liked the story....... I'm hoping word spreads around in the small town that this place doesn't like to sell trailers.

    We went back to the dealertoday to get the MFG's name, I figure I'd call em and find a closer dealer. the MFG sticker on the trailer included a vin number, GVWR, and MFG name and city, HOWEVER, the MFG name and CITY was cut off of the sticker on most of the trailers....Seems kinda shady...

    If this is the way the guy runs his business, I doubt it will be there too much longer....
  2. MrGriz

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    Oct 11, 2006
    Waterford, WI
    That's certainly not good customer service or good business practice.

    If this guy doesn't pull his head out of the sand, he'll be out of business soon.
  3. computeruser

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    Jan 16, 2007
    East Lansing, MI
    Good for you, voting with your dollars. No need to subsidize someone whose business practices are unappealing to you.
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