Truth about pellets please

Enviro Mini Owner Posted By Enviro Mini Owner, Jan 2, 2013 at 2:39 PM

  1. katwillny

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    I am currently using Sommersets from Lowes and they are working great in my stove. Yes some work better than others as in every other aspect of life, but it also depends on how your stove burns pellets.
  2. briansol

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    Jan 18, 2009
    central ct
    Grab some stove chow and Green Teams from the local stores to get you by for this winter. And then in the spring, get an order in for 3 or so tons of the good stuff once its on sale. Generally, the best prices are in april-may time frames form the pellet hawkers. That's what i'd do given your distance.
    It might even be cost effetive for you to find a buddy with a good truck and trailer and drive there yourself.
  3. Enviro Mini Owner

    Enviro Mini Owner
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    Jan 2, 2013
    East Hampton, NY
    I am running tests twice on my new Mini of about 8 different pellets and will get back soon with the results. I tried one bag of the Somerset and was very pleased. Wished I had bought more because Lowes is now selling North American and they are lousy.
    I am very happy with the Enviro mini. Our lives have been changed as the stove heats the whole ground floor including the loft space where we sleep. That chill in the air in the morning is gone and the forced air heater has not been used since the pellets started doing their stuff. I did discover the forced air vents had to be wrapped up and closed off as the stove was dragging the cold air out of the crawl space and creating quite a draught.

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