Turning off the predictive text feature that recently appeared

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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
In the last few days when I am composing text, there will be a ghosted image appear to the right of where I am typing which is trying to guess what the next word I will be typing. It doesnt happen all the time but just enough to annoy me. Occasionally a ghosted tab key will appear after the guess and if I push the tab key it accepts the guess. My guess is its bleed through feature from someone typing from a cell phone.

Is there any way to turn this feature off? It is really annoying.
I haven’t seen it while on my phone. Generally the auto complete feature is OS or application and not a website. I could be totally wrong. Did you update your OS or browser recently?
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I am going through a nightmare with Spectrum right now where they had me swap out a modem and the new unit will not talk to my router and wireless network so I have to run directly off the model to my laptop but the OS and browser (Edge)is the same.
I, too, believe that is a browser feature and not a Hearth.com feature. I don't always see it depending on what I am doing or the website I am on (even here), but when I see it, it drives me crazy. (It seems to come and go...just like my cap-lock tone) What web browser are you using. I use Edge.

Edit: Saw your reply above after I posted. I see you are using Edge, too. Most folks don't like Edge, but I have gotten so used to it, I don't like it when I try a new browser....teach an old dog new tricks type of thing.
For the last 15 years I have been using my laptop that had to play with corporate IT systems and when they did remote support they usually wanted to me to use Edge so I put up with it. With my recent retirement that is no longer an issue so I may find another browser but this feature just started appearing.
That is indeed not a website issue but a browser one.
Thanks, I tried the above and its still there after restarting browser. :confused: