Under-hearth wood storage

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New Member
Apr 26, 2024
does anyone know why under hearth wood storage is not more common? I like the look and the convenience, but assume the reason it is not done more is due to fire safety. However, for a zero clearance fireplace with a door, is it that much more dangerous that the wood floor surrounding the hearth or the wood often stored on or near the hearth as cinders would have to travel past the hearth. The other idea would be to make the storage on the sides instead of the front of the hearth, or make a removable door out of metal screen, tempered glass, or (presumably less flammable) wood panels.

Looking to do something like this: https://www.houzz.com/photos/crisp-architects-traditional-family-room-new-york-phvw-vp~193102

thanks for any opinions
As long as the hearth insulation requirements and clearances are honored, this can be done. It's super important in this case to make sure that there is zero chance of any ember falling between a gap down into the wood storage. This may take a sheet metal barrier under the hearth.
I wouldn't like it because it is not easily possible to contain the dirt from the wood. Instead it'll spill precisely where one walks.

Hence I have the wood of to the side. (Where one can have a box etc to contain stuff.)

But that's personal.
I think most will be aesthetic preference; if safety can be maintained (see above that appeared while I type this) there is no fundamental problem with doing this.
High fireplaces/woodstoves on high bases make for cold feet. I prefer for stoves to be at floor level.
We have seen a lot sketchy wood storage near the stoves. But as long as the required clearances are maintained, I think it can be done. Wood crumbs and bugs will be everywhere. As well as a shooting ember to land down in the pile. Only to come alive hours later,

It wouldn't fly in my house, I keep a few weeks of wood outside on the covered side porch, And bring in a piece at a time that goes into the stove.
I'd say the biggest reason I wouldn't want what's in the picture is the added work. Wood has to be placed under that fireplace you can't just drop it in. I store some indoors in season next to the stove in a 3 sided crate. I can bring an armful in and just drop it on the pile. I don't want to be bent over sliding each piece neatly into place.
I think it looks neat, but I could see it being filled with clean wood and left alone as a decorative accent.