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JAPF Posted By JAPF, Aug 25, 2010 at 4:14 AM

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    Aug 25, 2010
    We purchased a home a couple of years ago with two woodstoves—one in our masterbedroom and one in the family room. We have used the one in the family room quite frequently during the winter and love it. However, the idea of hauling wood up to the bedroom was not appealing and therefore, we never used it. Good thing because recently we discovered it was installed incorrectly. We thought about just pulling it out, but our master bedroom is over the garage so it is colder than the rest of our house. We have two fireplace shops within my area and had quotes for installing a gas stove. The first was for a Lopi Berkshire GV Greensmart stove and the second for a Quadra fire Sapphire gas stove. The quotes came back with a thousand dollars higher for the Lopi. Both are in the black iron finish, but the Quadra fire includes the blower and themostatic remote (which is another $475 in options). This brings the Lopi to almost $1500 more. My knowledge about stoves is very limited…obviously since I never realized the pipe from our original wood stove was installed upside down Does this seem like a typical price difference? What am I missing?
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