Updating an old St Croix York Insert Analog to Digital Control Panel

Don2222 Posted By Don2222, Jun 19, 2018 at 9:56 PM

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    The old Yorkie is a very good stove and can really heat a home well. This York was old and very worn. After replacing some snap disks, a worn burn pot Weldment and a Convection Blower, it was time to update the old analog knob and rocker switch control panel. The new St Croix Panel upgrade kit comes with new sheet metal and wire harness so using the included instructions goes in easy. However there was no block wiring diagram which would have helped also. Ripping out the old harness and panel was a pleasure and installing the new panel and setting up the program for this model went well. The new panel varies the speed of the convention blower with the heat level and just performs better and makes the stove more efficient. The diagnostic error messages that the digital panel shows by a blinking light on different heat levels also makes fixing stove problems much easier. Another feature I like is on start up all the components are tested and an error code is shown right away if there is a problem. All new St Croix stoves have this feature.
    The manual damper knob easily transfers from the old panel to the new one.

    Anyone else do this update??

    Pic 1-3 old Analog Control Board & wire harness
    Pic 4 - new control panel
    Pic 5 - new wire harness
    Pic 6 - fire

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