Updating the looks of the old workhorse with bright nickel trim and updated door Harman style

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH

To get the dead stove running like new, I removed the auger pox and installed an auto ignition update kit which now comes with a whole new wiring harness for good electrical connections!
See >> https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/holy-harman-auger-pox-batman.109241/#post-1439352

Then did the Pimp Your Ash Pan!
See > https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/time-to-pimp-your-ash-pan-harman-style.109333/

After updating the old golden fire brown to Satin black it was time to deep 6 the gold door and gold trim.

Then a hopper extension was added using nuts and bolts for a very secure install!
Going from a 70 lb hopper to 130 lbs make the stove go much longer without adding pellets!

There are lots of nice tile choices. See more info, pics of choices and the gristmill I have here.

This old stove has a serial # WHI-004221 makes it one of the oldest P61 and hardest to update.
The benefit is, that it has a cast iron fines door and heavier parts. A real tank that can be totally updated!

The bright nickel trim kit is the way to go, but the tile frame only fits the newer ash doors that have the recess. This stove has the old flush mount tile which may fall out if the old glue dries out that holds the small metal L clips in each corner of the frame. I had one corner fall apart and used High Temp RTV to repair it. That fixed it for good!
The more expensive way to upgrade the old gold tile trim, is to purchase a new ash door for $110 and slip it right on to the hinges. The as door is not usually stocked at the their depots and takes longer to get. I just took the original frame and threw some chrome paint on it. See pic below!

The upgraded new style door will fit this old bugger if you use the old door's hinge pins! The new stoves have the hinge pins welded to the body of the stove. The old handle will also fit and can be screwed right in.
The glass for the door is the neo or pyro ceram glass which is now the standard. OnlyHarman has neoceram mirror glass and only for their P68 model! The only way to get if for the P61 or P61a is to cut down the P68 glass!
See more info on glass > http://www.onedayglass.com/kb/faq_qanda.php?id=88
You can but this neoceram glass at most local glass cutters. When it breaks, you can see the yellow tinge it has on the slivers of the broken glass pieces. This has a much higher temperature rating than the Tempered glass.

The nickel trim kit comes with a cobal drill bit to drill thru the cast iron door to mount the bright nickel trim. Wow, it got dull on the 4th hole! It easy to drill, because on the inside of the door above the door gasket in each corner is a recessed hole molded into the cast iron where drilling starts.

I finally got the trim on the door and door on the stove and the door did not close! I had to get out the DeWalt jig saw and cut the stove body to fit the new rounder door handle!

The lovre's can be chrome painted but the new nickel lovere grill is the way to go because it is high temp and can easily be set right in there!

My Question is?
Does anyone know a good way to clean the 3 fire bricks?


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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
Wipe those finger prints off the trim before you fire it or they'll imprint in the metal. That trim kit is a pita. Don't use their drill bit. Use a titanium bit a 1/16 larger than theirs. Sometimes the castings are off but you do t know until you try to mount. Funny, I have had two trim kits two years in a row that the plate trim was backwards...door handle hole on the wrong side.


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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
Electric toothbrush and nitro-glycerine :cool:

Seriously, I did not find any answers to this in any other postings.
Therefore I just got a bottle of Rutland Brick and Stone cleaner like I mentioned in an earlier post and tried it on the Harman fire brick.
It does work! See pics below.

Also Navel Jelly can even get a deeper clean too.


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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH


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Apr 29, 2008
I do believe you have uncovered a new market nitch. Pimp my Stove by Don222. You can be on cable right after the Deadlieast Catch. ==c Seriously, it looks great!
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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
I'm guessing that if you soaked them in a mild solution of Muriatic acid or oxalic acid they would come out spanking

Yes, but that would take more time. I usually just spray them down during my cleanings.
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