Upgrading an old CCI Cheap Charlie HCF CC3 (part of Danson’s Pelpro - Glow Boy line) Taking the cheap out of Cheap Charlie!

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
Taking the cheap out of Cheap Charlie!
To Identify a Cheap Charlie from Glow Boy or Pelpro it seems that those stoves take the vacuum from the auger tube. Also the model tag has an X next to CC1, CC2, or CC3 and No steel auger collar on the base of the auger shaft?
This old CCI Franklin HCF CC3 may have been headed to the scrap heap but with May 2020 deadline almost here the production of new stoves has slowed down to only the new certified models keeping prices high. Also with the price of propane and oil climbing of putting in a few new parts to keep this working will not only save money on a re-install but may give many more years of life to this old boy?
The big problem here was not replacing the old squirrel cage O.A. Smith blower with a nice new impeller type or replacing the vacuum hose and vacuum switch and installing a new igniter.
Even banging off the 2 RPM motor with a mini crowbar and PB blaster took a little more time but to be expected.
It is the erratic pellet feeding was the problem.
Sure the high temp nylon bearing was dirty but attaching a new auger motor properly was impossible do to the fact that the motor shaft was only held into the base of the auger with a small set screw threaded into the auger itself! Now we all know this was done in the old Tasman 40 wood pellet stoves and once the auger motor was changed the set screw would strip out so it could not be tightened to the auger shaft. Retapping the auger shaft and installing a slightly larger set screw would only last a month at best! Of course since the Tasman used a 1 RPM auger motor, auger shaft and control panel. Therefore the solution here was to drill a hole in the other side of the auger shaft, purchase a 1.0 RPM auger motor with a hole in the shaft and just throw a hitch pin in it. Bingo! Is that how some manufacturers started using hitch pins? Maybe!
So back to the Cheap Charlie. These Danson’s stoves use a 2 RPM auger motor and buying a 1/8 carbide drill bit, not just a carbide tip drill bit to drill pierce a regular heat treated harden steel 2 RPM auger motor shaft can be done but not an easy solution. So what now?
A new Pelpro auger shaft is made to use a harden steel collar with a set screw that will hold the motor to the shaft and fit the old Cheap Charlie wood pellet stoves for only $139.95 and a standard steel auger collar with 5/8” inner diameter, a new nylon auger bushing and a standard 2 RPM auger motor! Bingo it worked!
Stove Manual
See pics below
Pic 1 & 2 - old original Cheap Charlie auger on left and new Danson’s Pelpro Auger on right.
Pic 3 - 7 cleaning up the old auger end disc using the blasting cabinet with white aluminum oxide makes all the parts for the upgrade like new.
The old dirty white nylon bearing was replaced with a new one!
Pic 8 - New auger, auger bearing, and sand blasted end plate ready to go, see new steel auger collar with larger set screw so not stripping out and no erratic pellet feeding! The very best way to fix it!
Pic 9 & 10 - new heavy duty 2 RPM Auger Motor
Pic 11 - new exhaust blower and heavy duty long lasting metal vacuum switch.
Pic 12 - Original Accutron control panel still working
Pic 13-15 Good Cheap Charlie working like new


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