US Stove King Ashley 5500 Exhaust blower cycling on and off - pulse mode operation.

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
The US Stove King Ashley 5500 & 5500m
has a similar control panel as the US Stove 6041 multi fuel.
This is the 5500 model with manufacturer date of 2005 and serial # 3117
The owner's manual for this stove does not show this mode? See attached manual below.
This post is to report a similar issue with this model even with the newer control panel. It has the newest control panel not the old panel with the 3 - A B C buttons and still does the cycling. Sometimes the cycling is much more noticeable than other times,
This vide shows the cycling or pulse mode. It is not as noticeable but if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of it turning get louder and softer. Also the speed changing is barely visible.

Therefore, to stop the cycling you can put the control panel in manual mode and take the draft fan out of auto.

110A8564-E149-41C4-9470-64928200CFA2.jpeg 11D52048-D499-4C74-BEC5-B55F3720EEC8.jpeg D60143C3-03D2-4ED1-9465-1BDFCEA45E81.jpeg


  • USstoveKingAshley5500-use-and-care-manual.pdf
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Mt Bob

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Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
Looks like is normal for the 5500 also--
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Feeling the Heat
Jan 22, 2021
I have a USSC/American Harvest 6500. The draft fan also continually pulses. I believe I van set it on manual and it won’t, but I just run it on auto. I have read where this is normal operation. Some have said once it gets to temp it will stop, but mine doesn’t. Others have said it should always pulse. That it is designed to do it and is supposed to give a better burn some how.

Either way, my 6500 burns well. Produces good heat and I don’t have any issues with incomplete burn or an over flowing burn pot.