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    I have a Temco zero clearance fireplace which is not yet installed. The manual says it can be used for wood or gas logs. As it is not yet installed we do not have it connected to any sort of chimney or direct vent system. It does have a damper in the top of the unit.Now that ventless gas logs are legal in NY would it be possible to use them in this unit without any sort of chimney or venting? Looking at a box of ventless logs, it said they could be used with any existing fireplace, simply close the damper. We looked at ventless fireplaces, and the only difference we could see is that they do not have the damper. As money is a concern we would like to not have to purchase another unit if at all possible. Would it be advisable to secure sheet metal over the top of this unit (easily done since it is not installed yet) to permanently seal off the damper? Our concern is that the heat would escape through the closed damper and overheat the inside of the enclosed chase (that we will be building).


    This is a situation that I've run into before. The answer is NO, it is not OK to seal off the chimney and install the vent free logs. The insulation and air flow in the specially designed ventless fireboxes is different than the wood models. The wood models are made to be cooled by air flow down the outer wall of the double chimney pipe. In addition to the safety concerns, the installation has not been tested and approved and/or labeled, so this is itself would make it undesirable.
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