"Used" countyline 30T splitter leak

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Feeling the Heat
Feb 6, 2020
Hicksville, Ohio
So I finally found a good deal on a log splitter. I spotted a reduced price 30 ton Countyline at the local TSC the other week. Inquired about it and was told that it was a return from an unhappy customer, and it had a small oil leak. They were asking 1300 (regular 1500). I researched it and decided to try and get a little better deal. Talked to the manager and he gave me a coupon for an additional 100 bucks. It's supposed to even still be under warranty. 1,199 plus tax, including fluids and half tank gas. The sticker on the beam was scuffed but still legible so you know it was not used much.
Got it home and used it for about 30 minutes splitting some red elm. It really works good. 10.5 seconds is fast compared to the 3pt splitter I'm used to. Definitely has good power.

The hydraulic pump leaks a little, mainly at the end of the return detent cycle. After 30 minutes I had maybe a 10-12 oz of fluid. It appears to be leaking from the input shaft seal. Should be an easy fix I'm assuming? "Used" countyline 30T splitter leak
Yeah, I'd try to get a new pump if that's where its leaking from...they are pretty easy to swap out.
I didn't really ask if warranty would cover it. I'll pull the pump when I get done splitting what I have on hand, and see if it looks like a part I can find. The local Napa store can usually find a seal to match anything.
I didn't really ask if warranty would cover it. I'll pull the pump when I get done splitting what I have on hand, and see if it looks like a part I can find. The local Napa store can usually find a seal to match anything.
If it was sold to you as "new", and you have a receipt from TSC, it will be under manufacturers warranty.
FYI, that will be an "internal" seal...requiring pump disassembly to replace it...I'd call for a new one, then fix this one as a backup later on if you still want to fool with it...
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Emailed the manufacturer over the weekend about the leak. They offered to send me the pump or send it to a nearby service center. I opted to do the swap myself. They are having me return the old pump so I wont get to try fixing it.

Excellent service. I highly recommend these Countyline splitters. Now that I've done a lot of comparing and price checking I've decided you pretty much get what you pay for on these box store splitters. There are some obvious reasons why Menard's Brute 30T is $400 cheaper.
That was a good move on your behalf. Those pumps are generally considered "non serviceable "
I got the new pump installed last night. It was a 30 minute job if that even. The service rep advised me to tip the splitter back until the end of the beam hits the ground. That keeps all the oil in the tank. It worked good too. Fired it up and split a few arm loads even though it was 92° in the shade. The pump worked like it should. I do need to tighten the pressure hose a bit tho.
YTL International's service was great on this one. Return shipping was prepaid for the old pump. Now if it would just turn cold........
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Well it could cool down a bit , but not cold please, depending on your definition of cold of course.
A little story about TSC and their 'extended warranties'. I have not ever bought a new air operated grease gun other than the first one I bought at TSC (Campbell Hausfeld). I get the extended 2 year warranty and they seem to die after about a year so I call TSC and the send me a new one but they don't want the old one back and the warranty renews itself with the replacement one.

I have about 5 of them now. What expires is the spring in the trigger and a ball point pen spring fits perfectly so I renew the spring and keep on trucking.

Anyone need a 'refurbished' one? I have an assortment now..... ;lol
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I had a similar experience with TSC recently. I didn't get to visit much with my dad recently due to the COVID19 stuff, so I tried to pick some activities where we could be together outdoors. He has been an avid workout person for at least 35 years (he is 80) and has not been able to go to the gym due to obvious closures. I thought helping me cut a load of wood would be some good exercise. I cut up some medium to small logs figuring I would split the larger ones with my maul before loading them. He then asked if I had to split all of my wood that way and I told him I did. The gears in his brain starting running at full pace and the next week, he said he was going to buy me a log splitter so that I wouldn't kill myself splitting that much firewood.

He is one who spends quite a bit of time researching and pricing things before buying and initially he was looking for a used one. I had also been keeping an eye on sales and on Craiglist, but they don't get listed very often on Craiglist and when they do, they aren't usually much cheaper than the new ones. After about a month, one came up for sale at Northern Tool (it was a 22 ton). We agreed on it and I was going to meet him there one morning to pick it up. On the way there, he called me and said he had stopped by TSC and talked to the manager and they had agreed to sell us a 25 ton Countryline splitter for the same price. I believe the one from Northern Tool had a generic engine or maybe a Briggs engine. The Countryline had a Kohler engine and higher tonnage, so I was thrilled to get it. In conclusion, you can sometimes get deals if you take your time in your search and be willing to wheel and deal a bit.
Tractor supply even sells new pumps, filters, and the dang lovejoy spider that you will eventually need to replace. My TSC/speeco/husky 22 splitter hasn't missed a beat other than me noticing the spider was getting beat up so I swapped it out. I think I got it more than 10 years ago so 50-60 cords and it has a basic flathead briggs lawnmower engine on it.