Using stove gasket sealant to dampen vibration? regency I2400 insert

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New Member
Jan 3, 2023
My regency has a bad vibration from the blower, I remove it and clean it out at the beginning of every season with air compressor, vacuum, even my leaf blower to get all the hair and dust out. I will still get the vibration which resonates through the metal facade or at any point of metal to metal contact between the blower and the fire place.
I can get the sound to deaden by shimming with bits or cardboard at certain places and I'm considering if I could use a fireplace gasket sealant or a stove caulk that would be flexible and deaden the sound a bit if I ran it on the joints of the metal facade.
I've seen other with this issue recommend a wall fan but I want the air to circulate around the firebox as the design intended so I'm stuck with the off balance squirell cage blower fan and it drives me crazy! it's in our TV room living room and it's too loud!


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
A strip of 3/8" stove gasket material could work or some RTV silicone could be used to make the shim.