Vacation in Park City, UT, on the house!

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    So, as recently posted, I just delivered twins. I'm in pretty bad shape after the pregnancy and birth and won't be up for very much at all for a good while. We're just heading into burn season here, and my stove and woodshed were sorely neglected last spring and summer since I was laid up in bed.

    I have a timeshare in Park City, UT that I would like to offer as payment for someone to come and help me out. My husband is partially disabled and doesn't know a woodstove from a hole in the ground, anyway, much like the rest of his family. My brother runs his own business in San Antonio and can't make it up to help me. My father and uncles have all passed away, so, I'm hard up for menfolk (or womenfolk!) to do some heavy lifting for me while I get back into the swing of things.

    The work:
    Basic repairs to my woodshed, mostly painting and treating the roof and nailing screen up to keep the snow out
    Cutting some of my longer pieces down to size
    Restacking wood to make room for new to season over the winter
    Cleaning my chimney and showing me how to myself
    Possibly adding to the stack just a little bit to give me a little bit better draft
    Patching up the roof around my chimney
    Some basic handyman things as time allows- have a door to put up, some flooring issues, just things that aren't a one-woman job

    The payment:
    One week at the Westgate Resort in Park City, UT. For the rest of this year, it would probably be hard to get a room, but I also have one for next year (fall of 2013). If we book enough in advance, we can get a week outside of my usual, so if you're looking for ski season, we can give it a shot! Though personally the nicest time to be up there is before or after, since there's less tourists and you can actually get to Main Street! The shopping is to die for and there are lots of great little hole in the wall places to eat, as well as a HUGE outlet center. Salt Lake City is 20 minutes away.

    The room I have is two bedrooms, with sleepout couches that will house about six people comfortably if they sleep two to a bed. Full kitchen with stove, fridge, microwave, dishwasher. Washing machine and dryer in your room. Maids come every day and do all the cleanup. Jacuzzi tub AND a steam shower. Cable TV and free WiFi (and I can show you the workaround to have more than one computer going at a time). They have an indoor/outdoor pool, public hot tubs, steam room, and sauna. Game room with two pool tables, a FABULOUS restaurant with a great bar that is the only place I've found in Utah to make a decent margarita. Full service spa and massage, exercise room, kid's daycare with activities,

    Here is a link with pictures:

    If anyone in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, or doesn't mind a bit of travel is interested, PLEASE let me know! I've tried and tried to find people to help me out and just don't have the money to hire someone right now. Anytime between now and spring would work (well, except for painting the woodshed).

    Much obliged!!!


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