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    .... What do people do if they want to add a ventless fireplace but donÕt have an existing fireplace to adapt? All I want to do is put a ventless gas fireplace in my finished basement gameroom. When I purchase one... do they come with their own heat resistant box? I want to put one under the lost space under my basement steps with only the facade of the unit facing the room then drywall the wall surrounding it. I figured I could take the wall out put in the fireplace, drywall the wall the put one of those nice facade coverings making it look "official". Could I run a pvc pipe from the outside wall to give if fresh air? Or am I better off putting a vented one against the outside wall? The room is not that big and dont really want to lose any space if I dont have to. Plus, the room can get very cold down there. I plan to have a pro install it but dont want to go there asking the impossible


    Yes, they do come complete with the box that surrounds the fire...and then you simply frame it in with studs and sheetrock. There is no provision for using outside air on most of these fireplaces. So, it sounds like you are on the right track. One caveat - they are not made for more the 3 or 4 hours per day of use. If you intend to use them more, get a direct vent one.
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