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    We are considering purchasing a ventless gas stove to place in a finished basement family room. This room does not have an existing chimney nor open flue waiting for a stove to be attached. We are very concerned about potential safety hazards, plus potential damage to walls, attic, etc. regarding condensation with a ventless gas stove. We are on propane gas for heating the house. We have heard one dealer state "no problem...," to another who is warning us about potential serious consequences. Both of these dealers sell ventless gas stoves. Clearly, we feel inclined to believe the dealer warning us, but solicit your opinion.


    Ventless stoves can have problems if they are used too heavily. They should be considered only as an attended and supplemental heat source...like a kerosene heater. You are right for being concerned. The problems vary, depending on the part of the country you live in (climate), the stove model and the fuel (LP can be different)... The dealer who is warning you is correct. If you intend to use the appliance more than a few hours a day , then you may want to research vented heaters.
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