Vermont Castings Dauntless Flashback Problem

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wood stoves, they are definitely not appliances, we just want to think about possible absences of air intakes in a house hermetically closed and monoxide risk, we are not joking, using a wood stove requires learning, and when learning is good, yes the stove will become like a home appliance
Wood stoves absolutely are heating appliances. Certainly ones that carry risk and take some learning. But still appliances
drowning fire, also blocks flue draft, but the gases keep coming out of the wood, piling up in the combustion chamber, and boom. Writing that the stove is the problem, then manufacturers will add holes, which will give little control on the fire intensity and the experts they will close with magnets! stove is not an appliance, starting from the fact that high surface temperatures can harm people, and then for situations like these! I wouldn't want a stove full of electronic controls to avoid this problem or that air can not be reduced enough, a little awareness and education is needed to use these splendid objects
There are absolutely stoves that are far more prone to back puffing than others. Vermont castings stoves have been known to do it for years.
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