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    Hi Craig, I was able to find some interesting info on your site about the Resolute Acclaim. Glad to hear that you own (or owned) one. However, I own one, and am having a few problems with it you may be able to help with (I hope).

    The first year I owned the stove it burned wonderfully. the second year things got progressively worse. The stove kept burning real hot - 650 to 700 degrees. Adjusting the air intake would only help some - maybe get it down to 550 degrees or so.

    I then discovered in the third year that there was a crack in one of the side walls - one of the inner side walls (I have a porcelain model). I called Vermont Castings and they informed me that I could/should purchase the rebuild/retro fit kit.

    I purchased it and completely rebuilt my stove. The first month or so last year the stove seemed to burn fine, then it went back to its' old ways, burning too hot, though not as hot as when I discovered the crack. Also, I have noticed that at times when first firing the stove up smoke leaks out around the top and the sides/back.

    I'm not sure, but I am thinking I should tear the stove down again and clean it up good and put it back together. Any ideas, thoughts in this area(s)?


    Your situation points to the possibility of an overdraft, that is, a chimney which is pulling too strongly. This creates a "forge" effect, which overheats certain parts of the stove. As previously mentioned, Vermont Castings did have a problem with the earlier Resolute Acclaims (I have one, but do not use it hard). They produced a retro fit fit which they sold very inexpensively or gave away if the stove was under warranty.

    You should carefully check the gaskets on the front door. There are quite a few gaskets there, and the fit is very critical. The, install either a turn damper or a barometric damper (or both) into the stovepipe behind the unit.This will allow you to cut the draft down and regulate the stove better.
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