Vermont Castings Resolute Stove operating instructions

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Jan 20, 2023
Hello everyone. I'm hoping to get some help here. My niece has an old Resolute woodburning stove (can't determine the model number). I'm trying to figure out how to use it properly. The Vermont Castings website doesn't have a user manual available to view or download and I can't find one online. I know how to use the damper but there are two air intake ports at the bottom rear left of the stove that have me scratching my head. I believe this is the only way for air to get into the stove when the front door is closed. For the time being I have them both fully open. Attached are a couple of photos. Any help would be appreciated.

Vermont Castings Resolute Stove operating instructions Vermont Castings Resolute Stove operating instructions
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Hi nearly a year later!

It's not the only way. That trapdoor to the left of it on the rear of the unit is on a "thermostat" and will open and close as the stove heats up and cools down.

The hold in question leads into the secondary burner area. Once the fire is going and you push down the damper, the horizontal burn mode will take oxygen from that little hole to help with flow to the flue.

If your stove "runs away" and it gets too hot, close this port, the trap door at the back, and of course the front doors and the top plate to starve the fire of oxygen.