Vermont castings resolute I..question

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Sep 24, 2023
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I was looking for some help with a new (to me) stove.
Recently I acquired what I belive to be a resolute I. It seems to be in good condition and I'm looking to fix it up to replace my VC intrepid II.

I can not for the life of me figure out how to get the rear fireback panel out, I've removed the side panels, the flue collar and disconnect the flue mechanism. I can not find any fasteners holding the fireback in and I'm afraid to pry to hard, the panel is in good condition with no visible cracks and I'd like to keep it that way lol.. From what I've found it seems I have the older style fireback.

I just removed one. I thought it would come out easier. I think there is a bead of cement n the center. I used a pry bar around the top edge, keep pulling and pushing back and forth. It will release.
Awesome, thank you very much..I'm planning on stripping it all down and re-cementing all of the seams..I just I will also re-cement the rear panel as well.
a completely unnecessary question, but could you tell me where you picked up your stove?
Yea...I picked it up a few years ago from a family friend. He use to have a hvac company and I belive one of his customers was going to scrap it after they had a central heating system installed in their house. He offered to take it and eventually I ended up picking it up from him when they moved to Florida. It's been sitting in my garage a few years. Hoping to get it going for this heating season.
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