Vogelzang Auger Motor 80488 Diffrence between 1 RPM and 1.5 RPM I see both listed.

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Jan 21, 2018
Vogelzang Auger Motor 80488 Diffrence between 1 RPM and 1.5 RPM I see both listed. Manual for stove calls it a 1.5 RPM, But most I see listed for the stove and under that part Number are listed as 1 RPM. Does it matter? Which should I get? the 1.5 RPM seem to be about double the price of the 1 RPM. I am looking to just pick up a spare. Thanks
You want what came on your stove, other wise you may not be happy with the results. There should be a sticker on your old motor that can be referenced. Manuals are not always right.
Id have to see if I have the Orginal motor as it went bad not long after I got the stove, I am pretty sure I replaced it with one from the Manufacture though.
I believe the Replacment Auger on it now is 1 RPM, I have a Merkle - Korff Model B4415 / 4415UI
P/N 80488 Is what is on the Tag, Stove seems to work well with it.
Does a 1.5 RPM Feed more pellets?
A 1.5 rpm motor would feed 50% more pellets leaving all else unchanged. Might overheat the stove.
I am trying to Confirm that this motor is 1 RPM, The P/N is either 1 or 1.5 Depending on the Manufacture.
Well USSC and at least 6 reputable stove parts places say it should be 1 rpm.
The net can be your friend.