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    Perhaps you can help me. We are installing a Vermont Castings Acclaim non-cat woodstove. It will be installed in the corner of our living room, which has standard drywall on the walls. We're not trying to install it unusually close to the walls or anything - we have lots of space in the corner. The store we bought it from is installing the stove and insists that we have either dryrock (??sp) or Yoder hearth boards on both walls as well as on the floor. Even worse, they want the Yoder boards on the walls to be 48" x 48" on each wall of the corner. So my questions - Do I really need the boards on the walls? Do they really need to extend 48" up the walls? Are these people just trying to sell me more than I need? $1,000 just for the floor and wall protection sounds kind of steep to me.


    Here's the deal. As I remember, the Acclaim, in a corner installation, can go about 15 inches from the closest part of the wall to the stove left and right rear corners (of the top plate).

    These specs may have changed over the years, but they are clearly detailed in the owners manual as the specs "with unprotected walls". As long as you meet this criteria, you are fine without stove boards. Note that you may also have to put a pipe heat shield on the stovepipe to get to the 15" clearance.

    You do need hearth protection on the floor. Usually 16" in front of any opening door and 8-12" off to the sides.
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