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begreen Posted By begreen, May 15, 2011 at 5:25 PM

  1. Flatbedford

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    Mar 17, 2009
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    There is a modern trash to energy plant about 5 miles from my house. Just about next door to the Nuclear power plant. I have driven, walked and boated near it and have never smelled anything bad. It does draw quite a bit of truck traffic though.
    I copied and pasted this from the Westchester County website;

    "The Charles Point Resource Recovery Facility, located in Peekskill, was built in response to a federal mandate to close the county’s Croton Point Landfill and local incinerators. In 1982, 26 municipalities joined in a special assessment district, called the Refuse Disposal District #1, that enabled the WCAIDA to build the Charles Point Facility. The facility began operations in 1984, by providing dependable, environmentally safe disposal of municipal solid waste for Westchester County, while generating clean, renewable electricity.

    Designed, constructed and operated by Wheelabrator Westchester, the facility supports county residents by processing up to 2,250 tons per day of municipal solid waste. The Charles Point Facility has a permitted capacity of 710,000 tons per year. It is equipped with a magnetic separation system that extracts ferrous metals from the ash, which is then recycled. The plant has an electrical generating capacity of 60,000 kilowatts; the equivalent of supplying the electrical needs of 88,000 New York homes.

    The facility accepts solid waste from all municipalities in the Refuse Disposal District #1, which has grown to include 36 communities, representing approximately 90 percent of the county’s population. In 2009, the facility processed 700,052 tons of solid waste and recovered 16,887 tons of ferrous metal. 438,236 tons of solid waste was delivered by Refuse Disposal District #1 municipalities, down 5,507 tons from 2008. Private carters and direct haul waste delivered the balance of refuse to the Charles Point Facility."

    I don't feel so bad if I don't recycle every single piece of plastic because I figure its good fuel for the power plant.
  2. Seasoned Oak

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    I believe the hi-tech way they do trash to energy is NOT to burn it but to cook it in a gassifier and burn the gas not the trash.Similar to a wood gasification burner.
    Iv read they can even do tires this way and theres no smoke cuz the tire is not actually burning but being converted to a gas which in turn is then burned.
    They say any organic compound can be used.
    I dont know why this is not more widespread than it is.
  3. woodchip

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    Because certain people (often nimby's) still people insist on using the term incinerator, which gets more people on their side.

    In an ideal world, all towns would have their own trash gasification plant on the outskirts by an industrial estate, keeping lorry movements to a minimum.

    I suspect that it will happen in time, as technology improves and small plants become more efficient.

    Then the next step will hopefully be mini household units and people like me will be out scouring the countryside for rubbish ;-)
  4. mainemac

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    Mar 10, 2008
    Then the next step will hopefully be mini household units and people like me will be out scouring the countryside for rubbish ;-)[/quote]

    Yea like the Flux Capacitor!!!

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