Well, today I finished cleaning my stove this morning

ChandlerR Posted By ChandlerR, Sep 22, 2011 at 4:44 PM

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  1. ChandlerR

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    then helped my friend do his Avalon Astoria. He has a straight through vent and boy, was it dirty! Almost 1/4 of his 4 inch pipe was full of ash. I scooped out as much as I could then took the leaf blower to it. Cool! My pipe was relatively clean but I got a ton of soot and ash from the stove itself. I noticed that my pipe had a creosote like crust on the section of pipe that extended from the house, probably because the cool outside air condensed the gasses. My friends pipe was a light gray fluffy ash that came out easily and left a shiny pipe behind.

    I also had much more ash in the cleanout T. His was virtually empty.

    I was pleased at how easy the Astoria was to clean. Little removable panels that allowed me to get everywhere easily. Anywho, we're both all ready for the cold weather.
  2. DexterDay

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    My buddy on the forum (barnyard840x) has the Baby also (he sent you some PM's lazt season) Until he did his little mod to the Baby for the burn pot, it would fill up with pellets within 24 hrs and burn really sooty. Really black in the vent. His now burns great and he has full ise of the damper. Ash is a light grey color and pot will never overflow. Flame is 5 times more active, with the damper about half way closed.

    Glad to hear you got the stoves ready for the season. Feels good to have a clean stove.

    Disclaimer: I in no way shape or form recommend anyone modifying or altering a stove. This will void your warranty and insurance may not cover a claim)
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