What ever happened to Craigs draft fixing chimney caps??

Michael6268 Posted By Michael6268, Jun 30, 2006 at 2:31 AM

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  1. Michael6268

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    Nov 19, 2005
    Grafton NH/Upper Valley
    I dont know what made me think of it but wasnt it Craig who had those chimney cap prototypes a couple of years ago that where supposed to help with draft issues? If I recall he was giving them out for free to get field test results? What was the outcome? I really probably could have used one for the old fireplace, but my wife didnt like the abstract look to it....
  2. elkimmeg

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    Mike ever have a good idea but the rest of the world misses it. I think that summs up the extenda flue experience for craig.
    Or a good idea but not enought time to devote to it. Or being streched out too far with other things going on.
    For more detail Craig can answer This is my guess to the status of Extenda flue
  3. webbie

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    Nov 17, 2005
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    Well, Elk probably has it right. I am certain that all of the stuff I invented and patented will make $$ for someone...but probably not me. Turns out I don't have the staying power (ambition) to take this stuff and run with it for 5-10 years. That's what happens when you are as far over the hill as I am.....you count the days!

    The draft increasing cap was somewhat separate - although the taller Extendaflues increase draft too. This was an invention that a guy from Ct. thought up and I had the option to bring it to market. I tested it - it worked well. But I declined the option to bring to market because I knew I could not do it justice.

    Anyway, back to extendaflue. My initial intention was to sell the designs and patents to another company while I was developing. I was 95% of the way there - right before papers were signed, but coporate politics (one company selling out to another) got in the way - talk about bad timing!

    So I have about a dozen neat products and I am talking to a few companies about buying the whole deal - heck of a good price if anyone wants to enter the chimney biz. In the meantime, I am selling virtually all of the products...my timetable is to wind it down near the end of the year and, if not sold, put it on the shelf until sold. I am fairly certain that someone will pick up the ball sooner or later.
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