What incentive to use "less" propane

danfrmmaine Posted By danfrmmaine, Sep 10, 2008 at 11:56 AM

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    Just go get yourself 2 100 lb tanks and a duplex autoswitching valve. Total new should cost you under 250 and tell the propane company to take a hike. No more tank fees and no more delivery fees. Real simple and you just go haul your own when you need it. I just got 60 gallons at the bargain rate of 3.30 which isn't much of a bargain but still a lot less than the delivered price. That will keep my dryer and garage space heater going for quite a while. If you keep your eyes open there are tanks around you can pick up cheap or free if you have the time to look. Do that and at least you control what and when you are going to get the gas you need. No more little surprises.
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