What is shoulder season?

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Feeling the Heat
Nov 11, 2022
I was just curious. What do you take shoulder season to mean? Is it fall and spring, warm days, ect. Im sure everyone has a different meaning to " Shoulder Season" This only my 3rd year of wood heat.
Its both fall and spring. The days where you don't need a fire going all day/don't need a lot of heat. For me its when I only need a fire in the evenings.
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Here in NY I consider it to start around October. By mid or late November it's more likely we are into the actual non stop burning season. Once mid to late April rolls around it starts to be shoulder season again.

Non wood burners think I'm nuts because I organize my wood stacks to coordinate with shoulder season. In other words, I put soft wood or low BTU woods on the ends of each stack. All the stuff toward the middle would be high BTU stuff like hickory and locust which I'd be burning maybe from January through February.
Thanks for the replies. Kinda how I was thinking it means low wood use. Right now Im in shoulder season except I use a duffle bag to carry wood, lol....Bag Season I guess!
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You just summed up my day today, lol..52 and rain right now.
It’s the season when you leave the house with a coat or jacket in the morning but by 11 you just carry it over your shoulder.
Its also "creosote season" for many stoves. They get cranked up to get fast heat, then the air damper is closed to stretch out the load and reduce heat output.
What is shoulder season?

The center point represents the coldest month and your peak burning season where you would run your stove the longest. As you move further away from the center point the temperatures are milder and you burn less. The two ends are the shoulders.
Nah. Tech writer. A true statistician would explain shoulder season in terms of sigma, and would explain how to compute it.
I had 3 small fires today, its in the upper 30s. I guess to me, shoulder season means less, wood, less mess, and less fun. I just like to have a fire, Im hooked.