What is this Used P68 Worth

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Mar 16, 2024
Northern Kentucky
I’m talking with a guy selling a used Harman P68. He is asking $1400 which I think is too much given the following information.

-It was manufactured in 2008. I’m concerned about the age and having issues but I know most people have good luck with Harmans. Not sure how much life it has left in it. I’m pretty handy and have propane as backup if it goes down.

-It has a broken glass (looks to be from moving it), ~$250 for replacement

-No idea if it works or not. It was removed from a house he purchased. It’s 2 hours away so I need to assume I won’t know if it works before I commit to the drive.

I’m thinking a stove of this age with broken glass and unknown condition is worth $500-$700 but I don’t want to insult the guy if I’m way off base so I wanted to get some advice from this forum. Parts can add up if it needs much.

Some background: I’m in southern Midwest with 2000sq ft of heated space. My house is a 80s ranch style and I intend to install in the center of the house and use my propane furnace fan to distribute the heat. A P68 might be overkill but I’m not sure. Most used Harman stoves in my area people are asking $3-4k which makes no sense to me when you factor in new prices with the EPA credit.
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5 to 7 may be too much for a 16-year-old stove
with a broken door and no way to test it.
I buy Envrios of that age and refurbish them
then sell them for 9 to 12 hundred dollars.
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It is possibly worth it even if you have to replace the glass, no offense johneh…have him shoot a video of him putting it in test mode, plugged in of course, if all of the LED’s light and fans come on, auger turns etc, id say its worth buying….the Harman’s I’ve refurbished have been in rough shape and run like clockwork even before I strip and paint them.
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Thanks for your input guys! It seems like I’m in the ballpark on this one. I think I’ll just tell him we are very far away from each other on price given the age, broken glass, and unknown condition.
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Even at $1000 you’ll be in good shape
I'm pretty sure that I saw the listing that you're talking about. It looks pretty dusty but may clean up good. It says make fair offer so maybe you should offer what you think it would be worth and explain to him why. It's been for sale for 19 days so he might be willing to negotiate. He can either accept, turn you down or make a counter-offer.
all comes down to what the market is in your area.. Where i live all the used i see selling no matter what the age/condition are going for way more than they should.
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Yep around my parts a used P 68 a low ball price is $1k avg is 2000-3000 for 10+ year old units. Old Englanders bring 500 +. Haven't see much of Enviro's only know of one dealer and that is about 2hr drive from my home.
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Around these parts that P68 would have sold right away for the $1400 seller wanted. A few hundred for any parts needed, some elbow grease and you'd have a great stove.
As for it being overkill my only regret buying our P43 is I let my wife talk me out of getting the P61 at the time. You can always turn down a bigger stove, can't make a smaller one put out more than it's designed for.