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quadraman Posted By quadraman, Sep 16, 2008 at 7:22 PM

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    Ok so here's the story. I live in NEPA and I have a newly remodeled old house. The kind of house that has an old stone foundation. When we remodeled we bumped out the walls to 6" and insulated the walls and the ceiling and the basement so she's pretty well insulated. We had a pellet stove insert and I found we were not really heating the house as best as possible. The floors were cold and only the room we had the stove in would get warm. Since we have gotten rid of the pellet stove we have used our electric heat which has been somewhat affordable. I won't be saying that when the rates go up in 09 but for now it's not affordable. A couple of things I have been considering are the following. My mother in law has an older fisher stove that is in her basement that she no longer uses and wants to donate it to us to put in our basement. I have access to about 60 + acres of wood and can cut my own firewood. Also firewood in our area is priced low enough that I wouldn't mind paying for a couple cords. I guess I have a couple newb questions. Anyone consider doing this in their home and if so how have the results been. I will need to install a chimney but I don't mind the expense if I am going to be enjoying the warmth. Would anyone consider installing a wood insert in the fireplace or would I be experiencing the same issues with the pellet stove? Much thanks.
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