When to consider replacement. Life span

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Nov 20, 2007
Nevada County Foothills
.So I have a Jotul Oslo F500 that we installed in 2011. So far everything has been good and the stove runs great. My question is what is the life span of these stoves? When should we be considering replacing it? I burn 24/7 for about 7 months of the year Thanks
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iv'e had my roby for 10 yrs .still running like a top if things keep going like this 20, 25yrs.if you look after it ,no overfires and such the same time frame i guess maybe longer they can be rebuilt.
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I agree.

And if you have doubts about the state of the stove, get it inspected.
Cast iron with a SS baffle and replaceable burn plates, if treated well the stove can last a long time if your keep gaskets in decent shape. I would say there will be a time when it will need torn down and rebuilt. The stove cement can crack and allow air leaks.

Air leaks can ruin an otherwise good stove in short order.

Keep an eye on temps.

If you want a number, that’s harder to say. Depends on a lot of factors. Rebuild it when burn times get shorter and the lower east air setting no longer results in a low burn rate.
The lifespan could be quite long, like 30+ yrs depending on several factors. How the stove is run and maintained are two major items affecting lifespan. Parts in a stove that is run very hot most of the time will wear out sooner. If gaskets are not maintained, air leakage can upset the balanced internal combustion, sometime overheating an area. After about 15 yrs, the stove probably will need a rebuild, but if that is done right, it should be good to go for another 15. Given the cost of a new stove that can be a sound investment for some. After that, 15 yrs. later it's more a question of whether replacement parts are available.
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My Oslo is 24 now. Good as the day it was new. Runs 4 days a week
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