Where to get a Enviro MAX-m southern NH

fenwayfan81 Posted By fenwayfan81, Mar 20, 2013 at 12:55 PM

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    Feb 6, 2013
    southern NH
    Hi every body,

    I am new this year to the pellet stove and now I am a believer. I was able to heat my two story colonial pretty much with out any oil this year. I am looking to use no oil next year. I have a Englander 25-PDV which worked well but didnt really get the heat up there on the cold days. After doing some research it was either the Harmon or the Enviro. I really like the auger in the burn pot and the large heat exchanger. This stove will not be basment dwelller but in a family on the other side of the house which no one sits in. I went through about two tons on Press to logs(half ton still left) from home depot and one ton of cleanfire hardwood from woodpellets.com, loved the press to logs ran hotter and less ash than the cleanfire. At 188 a ton with military discount couldnt be beat.( Would have had more pellets but i started in late decemeber)

    I want to switch over to the Enviro MAX-m this spring/summer and i had a few questions. First when is the best time to buy one spring or summer? Second where is a good place to get one in southern NH and about how much should it cost?(havent seen any prices as of yet).
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    Jan 24, 2013
    Check out Nordic Stove in Dover, that is where I got mine. Doesn't really matter when you buy cause they don't really go 'On Sale'.
    I paid $3600.00 for mine and got a free ton of pellets. Another big expense will be the 4" pipe you will need.

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