which stove style is more efficient, pedestal style or ash pan underneath?

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Bholler, what is your reason for this? Have you had bad experiences with their stoves in the past? Please explain, thanks.
There are better choices unless the goal is a cheap short-term stove. See if you can locate an Englander 32-NC.
As noted earlier, the Drolet Myriad III might give you more bang for the buck, and do look for an Englander 32-NC. The big box stores tend to be selling them at a good price around this time as they clear space for lawn equip, and BBQs.
L and M Fleet supply sells both the myriad III and the HT 3000, the fire box is 3.3 cu ft on the myriad, and 3.5 cu ft on the 3000. I can get the myriad for $1350, and the 3000 for $1450. Both with blowers. Which one would you guys go for?
I personally think its crazy to think that a single woodstove (essentially a space heater) is going to be used as central heating on a 3 floor home in the northland no less. (2) stoves should be used, one in the basement and one on the first floor in the most populated room / area, the trickle effect should make the top floor tolerable.
I heat a ranch from the basement and it works good, my climate is NNJ, not as cold as OP's, but to think if I add a 2nd floor to my house and still keep the stove in the basement and have everything warm would be crazy, plus you'll be running that stove on high all the time becoming a slave to shorter burn times, cleaning out coals to make more space in the firebox and running through cords of wood.