Whitfield - fixing a worn or broken T-Stat spring terminal like OEM!

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    Screw terminals, RCA jacks, binding posts and now on the high end receivers Banana Jacks are used on speakers for connection to wall plates and receiver terminals. Banana jacks can connect heavier wire so that is why they are the current choice of audiophiles.
    The spring terminals were used in a period of quite a few years in our recent history on speakers, stereos and other items to make it easy for DIY people to just strip back some wires and stick them in.
    They were also used on Whitfield wood pellet stoves for connecting a Thermostat and since the older control boards did not have a manual / T-Stat switch or an on board T-Stat jumper, then a wire jumper must be attached when stove is used in the manual mode.
    I happened to come across a Whitfield with a broken spring terminal and no jumper so the stove would not go from start mode to run mode and stay running. LOL
    After making some physical measurements 2” L x 1” H I found a company on the West Coast called Vetco that sells one and to my pleasant surprise is an exact fit using the existing screws for a whopping $0.69 Or you can get a new wire harness from Whitfield for $100.00 !!
    So it is just a matter of cutting off the wires to the old terminal and slipping on some 5/32” shrink tubing from Harbor Freight and pulling out the old welder 2 speed soldering gun and then using a heat gun from Harbor Freight or hair dryer to shrink up the tubing and bolt it in! Just like brand new! Don’t forget the jumper to keep the stove running!

    Pic 1 - New spring speaker terminals from Vetco.net
    Pic 2 & 3 - Old red and black Broken OEM terminals
    Pic 4 - My Old easy to use Weller solder gun kit
    Still available at Home Depot

    Pic 5 - shrink wrap tubing from Harbor Freight
    Pic 6 - wires are now soldered up
    Pic 7 - Applying heat to the tubing with a Harbor Freight Chicago Electric Heat gun
    Pic 8 - All Done and ready to bolt back in.
    Pic 9 - All Done - Just like OEM with jumper and a new wire tie

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