Will Pellets Heat This House?

Wears Wool Posted By Wears Wool, Mar 29, 2013 at 6:28 AM

  1. DexterDay

    Guest 2.

    Where were you planning on putting the pellet stove?

    A Big unit that is centrally located (not in the basement!!) will yield good results. With my vote going to the Enviro Maxx or Maxx-M, or the Enerzone Euromax or Drolet Eco 65. Both are about 70,000 BTU units (not that you NEED that much, but if you Did??) And they both have a System that attaches to the front of the stove and allows you to run Two 4" (may be 5"?) Ducts to another room or floor.

    So you fan have the stove in the middle of the living room and have a duct going to a main hallway and a bathroom, or your room and a kids room, or you get the idea. Heat where you need it. Its a half and half. Half pellet furnace (2 ducts) and half freestanding

    Best of both worlds. So can you heat 1,800 sq ft? Yes. Easily in fact. Whats your budget?

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