Winslow PI40 new installwith questions


New Member
Aug 30, 2018
I just installed a used Winslow PI40 pellet insert and the instructions do not have much information about install of a thermostat and I am interested in installing a wireless thermostat to avoid hard wiring it in. Also any advice on type and features that this unit may be able to take advantage of would be appreciated as this is the first pellet stove I have ever owned and the user manual leaves a lot to be desired in this area. I would love to get a service manual for this unit also as it is about four years old and I expect to have to replace some components going forward although at the moment everything seems to be working fine. I have run one bag of pellets and the only thing I noticed is that the glass seems to be smoked up some from just one bag and I think that this may be an indication of the need for some attention to something to bring it back into a cleaner burn? Or is this to be expected? The stove is heating fine as far as I can tell though. As you can see I do not have any debilitating issues going on with the stove but never having owned one if anyone has any experience with the Winslow PI40 insert it would be great to hear from you regarding any and all advice you may have on this unit. my research prior to purchase led me to think this was a well built unit and was well thought out for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Please feel free to make any suggestions on the operation of the stove that a inexperienced new user may need to know. I was told by the previous owner and also my brother-in-law that the somerset pellets worked well for them with low ash production and good heat output. The one bag I burned did seem to work fine but I can't glean much from the ash production aspect from just one bag. Thanks for any advice in advance. Jim